A great story

The Círculo Agrícola Mercantil Villenense was established as a recreational association in 1909. Its first head office was located in the saloons of the Café Artístico, located in Paseo de Chapí, a place where Cine Avenida was later located. Its aims were to strengthen the bonds of union and achieve the most sincere harmony


between members, facilitating the treatment between them for their immediate and frequent touch. He also stressed the desire to promote intellectual and moral instruction through the reading of scientific and illustrated publications. In short, a space for sports, leisure and cultural use for its members.


Bus schedules, Ciudad Deportiva and Circulo Agrícola Mercantil Villenense.

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Here you will find information on some topics of interest to the member.

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List of entrance fees, quarterly and sports sections.

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Our services

We have a wide range of services and activities related to sport and culture. Everything designed to meet the demands and needs of members.

The services offered are very diverse, oriented to a single purpose which is the use and enjoyment of each and every one of the facilities.

Ideal spaces for recreation and leisure

A wide range of activities related to sport and enjoy all our members.

An integrating concept of social space

Sports Facilities

Spaces made up for the practice of a large number of sports and sporting activities. All of great interest to the members, from its use for a playful and competitive enjoyment, leagues, tournaments, social championships and federated competitions.

Leisure Zone

Spaces created to offer leisure activities, promoting social and family relationships. Promoting good harmony between members and beneficiaries. Large recreational and leisure areas.

Common Spaces

There are common spaces designed for rest, to enjoy nature, for lunches, dinners, snacks, sports activities, recreational areas where you can have fun and enjoy.

Why be a member

Being a member of our club means being able to access and enjoy a wide range of possibilities. From spending time with family and friends, enjoying the restaurant service, using our extraordinary swimming pool to playing amateur and federated sports tournaments.

Many advantages

There are many advantages that are offered, all designed to meet the needs of our members. Facilities with extensive services, which gradually aims to improve and expand all the needs of what a sports city such as CAMV requires, to meet the needs of members and continue to be a reference.